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We Believe Results Speak For Themselves

Sometimes our customers speak even louder though

Our net profit went from $-270,000 to $1.8 million after the string of live speaking events and business optimizations Tim and his team put into place for us.

We didn’t even have a website before we met Tim. Now we’re the highest rated business in our category on Yelp and other review sites.

$1.7 million in extra revenue last quarter, $0 that we pre-paid Tetra before that

Increased our email open rates from 2% to 23%, our optins from 5% to 17% and sales from half a percent to 3.4%

Tim and his team put me in touch with a manufacturer that turned around our products in half the time and half the cost, and eliminated our daily post office trips via dropshipping

With tim’s help, our app hit #1 in its category in the iOS and Google Play store with a budget other firms told us would be a drop in the bucket.

Tetra Communications drove enough traffic and sales to my books that they hit #1 in their respective categories in 4 days

Many people ask how our business blew up so quickly. I tell the miracles can happen when a company is monetarily vested in your success

Tim and his team got us 262,000 Facebook fans in a little over a month, helping us gain a more powerful spotlight.

Tim and his team took us from a local bakery to a multi-national brand, and all without charging us a cent upfront.

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